Foiling is the evolution of sailing: it stems from the design plans of the 36th America’s Cup which will be raced on foiling monohulls.

69Fs are the first foiling monohulls launched for crews. Designed by the Argentinians Nahuel Wilson and Laureano Marquinez and built in the Persico shipyards in Italy with the most advanced technology, they are 6.90 metres long.

The first prototype was launched in November 2018 and tested by top-ranked international sailors and some of the most expert foilers over eight months, before series production was begun.

The project was presented in July 2019 during Foiling Week, then in October 2019 the first public event was held and in February 2020 the hulls were unveiled as the racing season was presented. The Persico 69F Cup will start in July 2020.

A fleet of six 69Fs is already operational on Lake Garda where various formulas are available – Experience, Academy and Raceto learn foiling techniques from scratch and have fun in complete safety.

There is also the 69F business format, called Experience, whereby ad hoc B2B events can be organised or “custom-made” experiences can be booked for a crew to spend a weekend in “69F style”.

One of the 69F objectives is to promote foiling as a safe sport that is attractive also to anyone who has never sailed before but loves energy sports. That’s why the Academy was set up, managed by the Olympic champion Santiago Lange to open up foiling to new generations and create a new lifestyle.

Two great sailors, Maciel Cicho Cicchetti and Daniele Dede De Luca, immediately understood the potential of the 69F project by Wilson-Marquinez: a foiling sailboat designed for a crew of 3 that was safe and easy to sail.

A simple but magical formula successfully combined smaller sail area, foiling, speed, safety, easy logistics and organization at a time when also America’s Cup was planning to opt for similar choices and to sail on monohull foils.

The 69F concept soon became a business project and in 2019 Coming Solutions was set up by a team of sailors, managers and communicators –  Giorgio Benussi, Pierluigi Bresciani, Carlo Tomelleri, Umberto De Luca, Paolo Casti. This leading team has what it takes to succeed: nautical, organisational, business and communication skills combined with the technical expertise of Maciel Cicchetti and Dede De Luca.

The 69F is intended for professionals and for sportsboat enthusiasts, who can quickly learn how to sail on foils by attending the Academy.  It is a concept that goes beyond sailing, because the 69F is like a “device” that communicates, a tool that offers an unprecedented experience, a sports model that is innovative and keeps up with the times, a sailboat that is sustainable, easy to manage and agile.

A central role in the 69F project is played by Persico Marine, one of the world’s leading yacht building companies promoting innovation through advanced technology and cutting-edge research and development. Persico Marine is the manufacturer of the monotype hull, made of high-quality materials that ensure high performance.