ITAS Assicurazioni GP 2.2 will begin tomorrow. Two Italian champions, the come back of teams Cetilar, the debut in the Cup of Young Azzurra: there are many interesting points offered by ITAS Assicurazioni GP 2.2, the stage of Persico 69F Cup that will take place in Malcesine from Tuesday 22nd to Friday 24th of September. This event will also be the last one on Lake Garda for the year 2020, as the circuit is ready to move to Trieste’s Gulf for the stage of October and, in November, to Porto Cervo for the last appointment of the season.

Two fresh Italian champions will be on Persico 69F these days. The first is Alessandro Caldari who, teamed with his brother Federico, has conquered some days ago the National title in Class 420. For him this is the second experience on the Persico 69F after the participation in the Revolution Under 25, the table event of July that had him as protagonist until the semifinal, at the wheel of FP.Sailing, team with whom he will race again in this event at the side of Giacomo Bandini and Lorenzo Franceschini.

It’s the third event on Persico 69F for Federico Colannino who only two days ago, Sunday 20th of September, won the Italian Championship Olympic Classes in Finn class with a race of great command. Colannino has already been one of the protagonists in the two “Revolution” and tomorrow will debut in the Persico 69F Cup with Young Azzurra. The sporting project supported by Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, in collaboration with Federazione Italiana Vela continues: at the wheel Ettore Botticini, at his side Colannino, Francesca Bergamo and Erica Ratti.

The two FlyingNikka of Team Cetilar come back: the owner Roberto Lacorte returns as protagonist after winning the Grand Prix 1.1 and has two extremely competitive teams. With him, on FlyingNikka 47, there will be Ruggero Tita, Lorenzo Bressani and Enrico Zennaro, while on FlyingNikka 74 there will be Alessio Razeto, Lorenzo de Felice and Andrea Fornaro.

Completing the start line there are again the athletes of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Team Agiplast – Calum Gregor, Nicolai Jacobsen and Maria Cantero – one of the most expert teams of 69F circuit.

The program includes three intense day of races, from Tuesday to Thursday; at the end of the event the ranking of Persico 69F Cup will be updated and Lacorte is called to be successful in order to reconquer the top of the board, now occupied by the Dutch enfant prodige of Kingdom Team Netherlands, winners of the event ITAS Assicurazioni GP 2.1.


FLYINGNIKKA 47: Roberto Lacorte, Ruggero Tita, Lorenzo Bressani, Enrico Zennaro

FLYINGNIKKA 74: Alessio Razeto, Lorenzo De Felice, Andrea Fornaro

YOUNG AZZURRA: Ettore Botticini, Federico Colaninno, Erica Ratti, Francesca Bergamo

FP.SAILING: Alessandro Caldari, Giacomo Bandini, Lorenzo Franceschini

RHKYC TEAM AGIPLAST: Calum Gregor, Nicolai Jacobsen, Maria Cantero