persico 69f boat
the boat

A foiling sailboat must be light, safe, balanced, it must have speed and be able to “fly over water” thanks to all its innovative appendages. Great fun on water is guaranteed by high quality, excellent performance and, last but not least, the one-design formula.

Persico 69F is made of pre-preg carbon fibre and has a rigid monotype design obtained with carbon-steel moulds employed to manufacture all of its components. All boat parts, including the sails, are fitted with a RFID tag to check tonnage and guarantee monotype design over time.

The hull has a length of 6.90 metres, a beam of 2.1- 4.6 metres, a draft of 1.70 metres, and displacement of 350 kg. The components are detachable and fit in a 40’ container for ease of transport.

The rigging is equipped with a square-top full batten mainsail, full batten jib and a gennaker and has 40 square metres of sail area. The sails too are one-design sails and are supplied by 69F.

The boats’ set-up for stays, forestays and toe straps is standard. The boats are prepared in the best way possible according to wind conditions.

To guarantee the quality of assembled boats and components, all boats are supplied with a certificate of uniformity and compliance issued by Q.I. Composites.

Persico 69F is designed to be fitted with a digital sailing system that will be implemented over time and will allow sailors to check tonnage, track speed and route parameters, and even communicate with drone buoys and view navigation position and route along a regatta course.

The Boat
All the Persico 69Fs will be equipped with a Sailmon Max GPS. The devices have been chosen for their versatility and for the numerous functions that integrate with the needs of the race: track the performance of the hulls and crews in real time, store data online and respond