The future of sailing – agile, fast, energetic, and pure – is here: after three days of training and practice, tomorrow, July 17th, the regattas of the first Grand Prix Persico 69F Cup begin. Five monotypes in Gargnano, with as many competitive crews.

Competing in the first foil monotype per crew are two teams “tagged” Supernikka, which are headed by the owner Roberto Lacorte, the Swiss team of the Société Nautique Genéve with the owner Bernard Vananty, the Ksenia Team powered by Karletto with Carlo Brenco and the One Up Team with Andrea Vacchino: the first Run of regattas – planned are a series of races running twenty minutes in length- starting Friday and continuing until Sunday at a very fast pace.

It has been almost two years since the start of this project – said Dede De Luca, Chief Sailing Officer of Team 69F – a long time in which commitment and attention to detail were given to both the design of the boat and in the construction and testing of the circuit. Today, with five Persico 69F we are at the start of the first Grand Prix. What we have seen so far in the test regattas we really like: our first commitment is to create a circuit designed by sailors for sailors, where shipowners and crews can have fun, always be ready to foil, which has become our motto and our commitment“.

Being ready to foil means boats always at the ready and at maximum efficiency, locations with ideal conditions, organizational agility, these elements also represent a real asset in relation to the “anti Covid” measures.

The crews arrived in Gargnano earlier in the week: the first three days of the event were designed to give the teams the opportunity to carry out an in-depth “warm up”, essential to fan the teams’ enthusiasm about sailing on foils, manage maneuvers without losing speed, testing different routes, all which will amp up the fun and spectacle.

Tomorrow morning the circuit opens with the briefing, leading into the start of the races: the tests of the past few weeks have shown how the day can be filled with a large number of races, testing the endurance, athletic preparation and concentration of the teams.



FlyingNikka 47

Helmsman/Owner: Roberto Lacorte

Mainsail Trimmer: Enrico Zennaro

Fly controller: Lorenzo Bressani


FlyingNikka 74

Helmsman: Alessio Razeto

Mainsail Trimmer: Lorenzo De Felice

Fly controller: Andrea Fornaro

Owner: Roberto Lacorte


Ksenia Team powered by Karletto

Helmsman/Owner: Carlo Brenco

Mainsail Trimmer: Michele Regolo

Fly controller: Francesco Rubagotti


Swiss Team

Helmsman/Owner: Bernard Vananty

Mainsail Trimmer: Phil Raphoz

Fly controller: Marco Fedrigucci


One Up Team

Helmsman/Owner: Andrea Vacchino

Mainsail Trimmer: Andrea Zaoli

Fly controller: Francesco Bianchi



Friday October 17th DAY 1

Time 10:30 (TBC) Crew Briefing

Time 12:30 (TBC) dock out

Followed by: Race Day 1


Saturday October 18th DAY 2

Time 10:30 (TBC) Crew Briefing

Time 12:30 (TBC) dock out

Followed by: Race Day 2


Sunday October 19th DAY 3

Time 10:30 (TBC) Crew Briefing

Time 12:30 (TBC) dock out

Followed by: Race Day 3

Award Ceremony