The ingredients are all in: new commanders, teams ready for rematch, prestigious yacht clubs on the field. The second act of the Persico Revolution starts tomorrow, Monday August 17, in Gargnano with 16 teams at the starting line, and the table formula is back with a total of 14 races, each with four teams as protagonists.

But who are the protagonists? Let’s start with the foreigners: Dutch Sail are back, the winning team of the first Revolution will have a derby with Kingdom Team Netherlands, the very young “orange” team that is back on the Persico 69F after winning the Grand Prix 1.2. In this Netherlands race there’s also a bit of Italy, in fact for this second Revolution the Kingdom Team has enlisted the young Guido Gallinaro.

On water also the Danish Challenger for the Youth America’s Cup, and the RHKYC Team Agiplast, the team of Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, third in the first Revolution and with a strong desire of revenge.

In the race makes its debut the team of Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, YCCS who some days ago has announced its Italian participation to Youth America’s Cup: Young Azzurra  project begins tomorrow in Gargnano with a very competitive team composed by Ettore Botticini, Federico Colaninno and Francesca Bergamo, all of them experts after the race of last week.

From the synergy of Yacht Club Italiano and Società Velica of Barcola and Grignano is created the team Giulio Desiderato, Michele Paoletti and Vittorio Bissaro: they promise battle.

From Trieste arrives also the team of Yatch Club Čupa, the “Last Minute” with Sebastjan Cettul, Mirko Juretic and Matija Succi.

From Ravenna the FP.Sailing (Alessandro and Federico Caldari with Giacomo Bandini) are back, already protagonists a week ago. Then there’s some people who will count on the “home” factor: from Lake Garda two teams of Yacht Club Torri, one from Gargnano, one from Riva del Garda, two from Malcesine, all full of experts of foiling, to raise the bar even more.

The program – after the training of today and cleared with the new online-briefing with the technical explanation of the special rules of the table and the rules of the race – starts tomorrow morning.

The first four races will divide the table in two: the first two of the flights will have a direct way to the final, third and fourth will go down to the lower part of the table and will have to commit to go up and access to the fourteenth and crucial race.


AMERICA’SCAPPATI DI CASA (Fraglia Vela Riva): Gian Maria Ferrighi, Federico Benini Floriani, Lorenzo Franceschini

BATOPE TEAM (ANS – Fraglia Vela Malcesine – SCGS): Marco Anessi, Matteo Barison, Nicola Torchio

DANISH YOUTH AMERICA’S CUP CHALLENGER (Hellerup Sejlklub): Mads Poder, Sebastian Pieters, Iben Nielsby, Helena Juel Jarlgaard

DUTCH SAIL – YANSSEN DE JUNE (KNZ&RV en KRZV De Maas): Lars van Stekelenborg, Scipio Houtman, Robin Becker

FP.SAILING (C.V.Ravennate): Alessandro Caldari, Giacomo Bandini, Federico Caldari

KINGDOM TEAM NETHERLANDS (KWVL): Odile van Aanholt, Emma Savelon, Jorden van Rooijen, Guido Gallinaro

LAST MINUTE (YC Čupa): Sebastjan Cettul, Mirko Juretic, Matija Succi

LISA SAILING TEAM: Francesco Bertone, Simone Malagugini, Filippon Amonti

RHKYC TEAM AGIPLAST (RHKYC): Calum Gregor, Nicolai Jacobsen , Maria Cantero, Samy Morton

TOP GUN RACING: Ruggero Tita, Matteo Pilati, Francesco Rubagotti

VAMOOOSS (Fraglia Vela Malcesine): Jana Germani, Giorgia Bertuzzi, Michele Cecchin

VIVACE (Yachting Club Torri): Simon Sivitz Kosuta, Jas Farneti, Stefano Nicolussi

WEAREP (Yachting Club Torri): Pietro Sartori, Francesco Piacentini, Matteo Piacentini

YCI – SVBG (YCI SVBG): Vittorio Bissaro, Giulio Desiderato, Michele Paoletti

YOUNG AZZURRA (Yacht Club Costa Smeralda): Ettore Botticini, Federico Colaninno, Francesca Bergamo

ZETA RACING (Circolo Vela Gargnano): Enrico Zennaro, Lorenzo Tonini, Simone Salvà