A day with “all round” conditions, with four flights “full foil” in the morning, then storm and two more races in the afternoon, with lot of low wind in displacement mode for two-thirds of the circuit.

Day one of Persico 69F Revolution FCL has already defined the first four finalists thanks to the six races that have been done: these are two italian teams – Zeta Racing and FP Sailing – and two foreign teams composed by very young guys: RHKYC Team Agiplast and the Dutch Sail Janssen de Jongboth in training for the Youth America’s Cup. These four team were first and second placed in today’s races, and they’re waiting to know the rivals they will have to face to try to conquer the final and the title.

Zeta Racing arrived second in the “full foil” race in the morning: “The key of this afternoon – explained Enrico Zennaro – was in knowing when to choose to go on the foil and when was the moment to go down, because when the wind slows down it’s better the displacement mode. We won the crucial race of today in this way: starting on the foil and then going down at the right moment and finishing with displacement and with an advantage”. Zennaro is the leader of team Zeta Racing but is also the coach for Young Azzurra, the team of Yacht Club Costa Smeralda that is training for the Youth America’s Cup: “The guys are learning, here I can work with them but also study the opponents, and I will meet them in the semifinals”. In fact in flight 12, the first semifinal,  RHKYC Team Agiplast and the Dutch Sail Janessen de Jong will be two of the three direct opponents.

The compilation of the upper part of the table has been hard and competitive, but everyone can get back in the game, because the formula of the Revolution tomorrow will see the races of the lower part of the table: who gets the first and second places procedes, third and fourth will stop and just watch.