69f boat


the international association that organizes the only one-design, full foiling, monohull series for teams

The 69F Class was founded on June 7, 2021. The whole fleet counts on 28 boats, they are in USA, Europe and Asia. The Class is aware it does not respond to the 7 boats per 4 continents requires by World Sailing, but 69F business plan is different, as different was the concept at its birth. The idea is to have moving fleets owned by the managing company, for a sustainable and lasting concept and to be able to reach good racing fleet number early in the boat life. Like 69F has proudly been doing since the very start.

2019 was the year during which 69F has been tested on water and had gone through final adjustment, while the rules were being written by Marco Mercuriali and Miguel Allen, our pillars for the on water umpiring.

In 2020, we held four test events, mainly on lake Garda. 51 teams tried the boat at those test events and we can proudly say that 90% of them confirmed their preference and were back in 2021, some for the Persico 69F Cup and some for the Youth Foiling Gold Cup. 

51 teams in 2020 – 4 TEST events

During this time plenty of top-level professional sailors helped adjusting the boat, like Olympic Champions Santiago Lange, Ruggero Tita, and America’s Cup sailor like Francesco Bruni. They all loved the experience and gave 69F Team important feedback to put in place both for boat handling and the format.


45 teams in 2021 – 12 events (YFGC, 69F Cup, PRO Cup)


45 teams in 2022 – 19 events (YFGC, 69F Cup Europe, 69F Cup USA, 69F US Select Series)

69F Cup and Youth Foiling Gold Cup (YFGC) are the two main circuits, up and running since 2021.

The YFGC is aimed at sailors under the age of 25 with a woman onboard – but often there are only female teams – and includes training days, qualification, and knock-out rounds. At the YFGC the boats are provided by 69F, and teams take turns with a three-day qualification round and two days of finals. The entry fee is reduced, the boats prepared by the 69F team, and the winner is the best on the water, playing on a equal field where only sailing talent and the athletes’ skills matters. The series includes four events, two in Europe and two in USA, with a Grand Final for the best two teams of each event to be held in Barcelona, Spain, for the next three years in November, at the end of the season. The YFGC has been a huge success since the very first regatta, as the Persico 69F truly embodies what young sailors are looking for: foiling, speed, adrenaline, and tight competition.

The 69F Cup is open to everyone, you can attend with your own boat or rent one with the easy ‘Pay per Play’ formula, in which the boat is provided and prepared by 69F team, and if in need, some training is available and some 69F sailors can be included in the crew. This formula allowed the 69F Cup to immediately have big fleets of over 10 boats per events and to respect the sustainability principle that was in the 69F project since its creation. There should be no boats in a shed, all 69F should be on the water. 

Since 2022 there are two Cups, one in Europe with seven events on four locations (Valencia, Sardinia, Malcesine, Mallorca) and one in USA with three events in two locations (Miami, FL, and Newport, RI).

In 2021 a PRO Cup took place in Palermo, Italy, an invitational challenge reserved to Pro sailors, where athletes from the Olympics and America’s Cup challenges each other on the boats provided by 69F. The experiment was a success and will be repeated.


69F owns two fleets of six boats, one in Europe and the other one in the USA. Available for the Pay-per-Play formula to easy the access to newcomers and to respond to sustainability matters linked to building the boats and moving the boats around the globe.

In Europe there are nine privately owned boats, six in USA and six in Asia, where a Series is about to be organized.

69F global project’s goal is to have local fleets around the world in which we can recreate the same business model as we now have in Europe and USA. A 1:3 ratio between privately owned boats and Coming Solutions’s fleet, will allow competitive and participated circuits in a much more sustainable way. Both for the environment and for the sailors. The boat is a state-of-the-art design and technology machine, in full carbon, able to foil at just seven knots, it is much easier for an owner or a sailing team to put together a budget to charter their spot for the season, rather than adventuring in an expensive, and in some cases, unknown foiling project. The purchase of the vessel can follow a season or more of good sailing.

The Youth Foiling Gold Cup has a very little entry fee, below the actual cost of the operation, by doing this 69F is proudly contributing to the promotion of foiling among the youngsters.