persico 69f boat


69F is the only one-design, full foiling, full carbon monohull for crews.

The boat 69F is the only team, one design, foiling monohull, with regattas around the world, other than the America’s Cup AC75 and the AC40.

Born from the brilliant minds of Laureano Marquinez e Nahuel Wilson, it is 6.90 meters of prepreg carbon, built in a carbon, aluminum and steel mold that guarantees that all the parts are identical. 2,1 meters wide and a draught of only 1,70 and a total weight of 380 kg, with a 69sm sail area. The fleet is constantly checked to guarantee that each racing boat remains identical in terms of equipment and set-up following the 69F class Rules.

No adjustments of any kind are permitted (shrouds and forestay tension, hiking straps, etc.).
Identical one-design sails are provided by the class.

It is easy to sail, easy to get on the foil and it rarely nose dives, proving to be a safe vessel suitable for foiling beginners. The 69F is ‘foiling for everyone’. The boat is accessible by men and women, it doesn’t require particular strength, therefore in the fleet you often find all women teams doing better than men. You don’t need to be a skilled foiler to compete, the 69F is a good entry level in the foiling area of sailing, given you are sailing in a team of four people.

Very appreciated from professional sailors, who have had been working on its creation, it is as well loved by everyone. Having the main, jib, and gennaker, to sail this boat you need all of the traditional sailing skills such as strategy, tactics, manouvreing and teamwork.