Seven teams will attend the fourth and last event of the YFGC 2023
to have a chance to access the YFGC Grand Final next week

Barcelona, Spain — October 23, 2023 — The breathtaking waters of Barcelona are set to host the first of two thrilling 69F Youth Foiling Gold Cup sailing events, commencing today and concluding on Sunday November the 5th. With a stunning backdrop of the city’s skyline, this high-speed sailing competitions promise to be a spectacle of both skill and speed.

The first event, 69F YFGC Act 3 (Oct 23rd – 29th), will feature seven top-tier teams from around the world, each vying for supremacy in this challenging racing format.

  1. Oceana Vivo (GBR) – Zac Blomeley with Cas Van Dongen, Hebe Hemming, Sophie Otter;
  2. Danish Youth Foiling Team (DEN) – Leo Birgersson with Anton Seehausen, Emmeli Gramkov, Johanne Joos, Chris Nicholson;
  3. Orient Express Racing Team – Gaultier Tailleu;
  4. Antigua Rum Runners (ANT) – Rocco Falcone with Federico Colaninno, Alice Cialfi;
  5. ENZEDDER RACING (NZL) – Sam Street with Leo Takahashi, Serena Woodall, Filippo Amonti;
  6. Dutchsail – Jajo (NED) – Paul Hameeteman with Elliott Savelon, Ismene Usman, Aleksandr Moliakov;
  7. Clean Sailors Youth Racing Team (SUI) – CJ Perez with Lukas Hesse, Jann Schupbach.

These seven Under 25 teams represent a dynamic mix of countries and sailing backgrounds, creating a vibrant and competitive fleet. With young athletes hailing from the United Kingdom to New Zealand, and countries such as Denmark, France, Antigua, Netherlands, and Switzerland, the event promises a true international showcase of young sailing talent.

The 69F sailing format, known for its speed and agility, will challenge sailors to push their skills to the limit as they navigate the waters off Barcelona, home of the 37th America’s Cup on big foiling monohulls. With the city’s iconic architecture providing a stunning backdrop, both Act 3 and the YFGC Grand Final will sure be a visual feast as well as a thrilling competition.

In an exciting development, the first two qualified teams from this event will secure access to the second event in Barcelona from November 1st to 5th, the highly anticipated YFGC Grand Final. At the Grand Final, they will have the opportunity to meet the best two teams from each of the previous three events of the 2023 Youth Foiling Gold Cup, coming from the January regatta in Miami, USA, the one in May in La Grande Motte, France, and the August Italian leg in Torbole, Lake Garda. This unique gathering of elite teams promises an even more intense and globally representative competition, which will determine the 2023 winner of the Youth Foiling Gold Cup. The reigning champions, Dutch Sail, will try and defend their 2022 title from seven other very talented teams.

It’s worth noting that this event, called “Act 3,” was originally scheduled to take place in Kingston, Canada, last July but has now found its home in the vibrant city of Barcelona. The action kicked off with a practice day today, followed by qualifying races from tomorrow, October the 24th to the 27th. The best six teams will then challenge each other in the Gold Fleet on Saturday and Sunday, creating a thrilling climax to Act 3 of this series reserved to the under 25 athletes who loves foiling and the fast thinking, close callings, tight races and adrenaline rushes that come with it.

Avant Garde, Gottifredi Maffioli, Harken, North Sails, Vakaros, QI Composites, Vela Mania, Fraglia Vela Malcesine, Acquaviva WT, Cantine di Verona

The 69F project is the result of the commitment and skills of athletes, engineers and communication entrepreneurs who believe in the future of sailing hydrofoil and its affirmation in the world of professional regattas as well as in the world of lifestyle and amateur sport.
The 69F team developed and built an innovative high-performance boat, they designed captivating and sustainable competition formats and a sailing academy to train future young flying sailors and to entertain everyone, from pros to amateurs, with the aim of providing the ultimate foiling experience.