No wind, no fly

No foiling today in the Youth Foiling Gold Cup

“We tried our best, we went out looking for the wind, but it was hopeless, so we cancelled for the day.”
– Dede De Luca, Chief Sailing Officer

The Persico 69F is a very flexible foiling platform, able to foil in just 7 knots of wind and even in displacement mode the racing is tight and stretches the crews to their limits. Still, the mighty foiler was defeated today by a complete absence of wind. Barely a ripple disturbed the calm sea and the fluro yellow 69F flags hung limply on their poles.

David Bartol, YFGC race officer, crisscrossed the bay looking for wind while the sailors played cards and the Americans taught the Europeans how to throw an American football. It appears unlikely that more wind will show up tomorrow, but at least the sailors will be able to work on their throwing arm.
– Conrad Colman

69F DAILY PDF – 5 march 2021