persico 69f boat


Persico 69F is a unique one-design (OD) full carbon prepreg boat built by renowned shipyard Persico Marine.

Prepreg carbon construction guarantees a lightweight and high-quality build.
Carbon, aluminium and steel moulds ensure that the hull, and all OD components, are identical.
Each assembled boat and its parts come with compliance certificates that list checks carried out during every construction phase by QI Composites, a famed laboratory for non-destructive testing in the field of motorsport and sailing.
The boat is 6.90 m long, 2.1 m wide (3.58 m rack to rack), has a 1.70 m draught. It is equipped with a fully battened square-top mainsail, a fully battened jib and a gennaker totalling a sail area of 69 m2 (39 m2 upwind) with only 380 kg all-up weight.
RFID tags are laminated into each individual component, ensuring that measurement checks can be carried out with special devices and without measurers. This guarantees the strict maintenance of 69F OD rules.
To secure the one-design concept and to keep it consistent with the racing guidelines, the fleet is constantly checked to guarantee that each racing boat remains identical in terms of equipment and set-up following the Perisco 69F class Rules.
No adjustments of any kind are permitted (shrouds and forestay tension, hiking straps, etc.).
Identical one-design sails are provided by the class.
69F Shore team will provide all necessary assistance both on water and on land..