Fun, speed, technology and environmental care are the four pillars of Barcolana FUN by SIRAM VEOLIA, one of the main events during the 52nd Barcolana scheduled from Wednesday, October 7 to Saturday, October 10. It is the “showcase” of foil sailing: an event that will allow anyone – including beginners – to learn about sailing aboard the Persico 69F, the only foiling monotype used on the race circuits, the newest frontier of sailing.

SIRAM VEOLIA chose this event as the key element of its partnership in Barcolana: in a year in which we are confronted with the pandemic, this will be one of the very few international regattas to be held.  Barcolana FUN is the vehicle to promote common values; technology as the base of sustainable development, environmental care, and supports activities which inspire and engage young people, keeping gender equality in mind.

The 69F circuit is comprised of these elements:  state-of-the-art hulls, environmental sustainability thanks to its unique management and organization of races, attaining maximum speed using only wind and foil technology that allows the boat to fly on the water. The project, Barcolana FUN by Siram Veolia, from October 7 to 10, has two missions: one, to allow participants to experience foiling, the newest frontier of sailing, and the second, a need for speed to reach over 30 knots in challenging weather conditions and with experienced sailors on board, a challenge which for a boat only 7 meters long will be record breaking.

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