69F Sailing is pleased to announce that another team participating in the Youth America’s Cup has chosen the Persico 69F as the boat to train on for the 2021 event.

After the Kingdom Team Netherlands, who will represent the Netherlands at YAC and who last won the Grand Prix 1.2 of the Persico 69F Cup in Gargnano at the end of July, RHKYC Team Agiplast, armed by the prestigious Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, will also train on the Persico 69F.

One of the 69F Persico monotypes was purchased for the sports program approaching the Youth America’s Cup, and arrived via cargo on July 26th in Hong Kong. Now, the set-up process is being carried out, in close contact with the shore team in Italy.

Some of the crew members of RHKYC Team Agiplast will arrive in Italy on August 8th to participate in the Revolution CUP, the event that 69F Sailing organized in Gargnano with a scoreboard formula and that will involve 40 crews, and will stay in Italy until September 25th to train on the Persico 69F, while another part of the team will train in Hong Kong.

The RHKYC Team Agiplast program carried out by the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club provides a full-time commitment for the sailors under 25 involved: these are six young people – three males and three females – who will make up the team that will participate in the Youth America’s Cup, with full-time training and a project consisting of a great sport experience and educational value.

After the debut of Kingdom Team Netherlands in the Grand Prix 1.2” – said Giorgio Benussi, CCO of the 69F Sailing project – “we entered the climate of the Youth America’s Cup and we saw first-hand how determined and prepared these young athletes are, perfectly in line with our boats and our development project. The activation of Team Agiplast is for us a great opportunity for visibility in the East, where sailing is developing very fast. The Persico 69F thus becomes the centerpiece of the crew training project, but it is also at the heart of a project carried out by Agiplast to safeguard the seas and reuse plastics, which is well matched by our commitment to be sustainable and to do our part to adopt green behaviors in event management, logistics and in our way of sailing“.