69F team is determined to reduce its carbon footprint…

In particular, its members strongly believe in the sustainable development of sport in the world of sailing. The entire 69F community is honoured to be able to participate and to contribute to raising awareness of the issue of environmental sustainability through the PLAST FREE 69F project.

Acquaviva Water Technology is extremely sensitive to the theme of respect for the environment, pollution and the conscious exploitation of the natural resources at our disposal.
The world’s population is also increasingly aware of the problems relating to the environment that surrounds us, increasingly compromised due to human actions.

Fabio Porta, Managing Director of Acquaviva WT: “For all these reasons we have decided to be alongside 69Fsailing on the PLAST FREE 69F project, a pioneer project in Italy that offers athletes the opportunity to stock up on purified water encouraging eco-friendly consumption habits.”

“Thanks to the PLAST FREE 69F project, a new technology water machine will be placed on site in each stage, where athletes and team staff will be able to drink purified water refilling their own bottles.”

We’re looking forward to many Green Events with our new partner!