Rain Check

Strong rain, and no wind, kept the fleet grounded.

Torrential rain was the only thing moving in Gaeta today. Low, leaden clouds hung menacingly over a sea dimpled by rain but stubbornly unruffled by the wind. In the afternoon, the fleet went out to sea in the vain hope of finding some breeze but sadly no sailing was possible, not even in displacement mode.

No sailing meant that the second knockout round was cut short. The Spanish team, Youth Brava España were deprived of a last attempt to climb above One Switzerland in the rankings and were eliminated ahead of tomorrow’s finals.

Tomorrow sees the return of the all-conquering Team DutchSail- Janssen de Jong, who have benefitted from the last couple of days watching their competitor’s moves while resting up for the finals.

“Elimination is part of the game. It’s not a problem that we didn’t sail today, the problem was yesterday when we weren’t able to maintain our fleet position, and we lost it all. We wish congratulations to One Switzerland and hope they will do their best, as we would have done if we were there. Overall we learned a lot, and we’re super happy. We tried a new class and look forward to coming back soon”


Today also saw the event name change to the Liberty Bitcoin YFGC.

Knockout Round 2 (2 races of 3 completed)
11.0 HKG RHKYC Team Agiplast
9.0 ITA Young Azzurra
8.0 EUR Kingdom Team
5.0 USA Southern Challenge
4.0 SUI One Switzerland
3.0 Youth Bravo España (eliminated)

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