YFGC: Act 3 and Finals to be held in Cagliari

The Persico 69F Class has secured a date and spectacular location for the third act of the Youth Foiling Gold Cup! Rendezvous in Sardinia’s capital city of Cagliari in October, with the season finale, held early November.

Following on from a successful, if cold and wintry debut in February in Gaeta, the Persico 69F season is heating up as the mercury rises. Already the first round of the Persico 69F Cup Grand Prix inspired big smiles, and close racing on Lake Garda and both Persico 69F Cup teams and youngsters on the Youth Foiling Gold Cup circuit are thumbing through their calendars to count the days until they can fly over the waves again.

There’s good news as the Class has secured the date and a location for the third and final act of the season. From October 18th to the 31st, crews will skim over the waves in Cagliari, before the best two teams of each act contest the three-day final on November 1-3.

Firstly, a reminder on the unique format. All teams sail supplied one-design foiling Persico 69F’s, meticulously prepared by a professional shore crew. The action kicks off with three days of warm-up races, followed by five days of qualifiers. The tension ramps up with four days of knockout elimination rounds, followed by four days of finals for the six top teams.

Access to these high-performance boats and high-level racing is very accessible, with the turnkey race package fee of only €7,500 for the two weeks of racing. The sailing teams of 3 or 4 mixed-sex sailors on the boat at any one time. They substitute sailors to keep the intensity up and to prepare as many sailors for the new generation of sailing as possible.

The Class wants to promote youth sailing development at every turn, so the prizes awarded on November 3rd will be tickets to participate in the 2022 Persico 69F Cup! The team that wins the YFGC finals will be awarded a voucher for the entire 2022 season, with an equivalent value of €50,000! The second-ranked team will win a voucher for two Grand Prix weeks (market value €30,000) and the third-placed team will be awarded a voucher for one Grand Prix week (value €15,000).

If the idea of sailing the coolest, fastest three person flying machine is tickling your interest, sign up now for act two in Limone in August before escaping the winter chill again in Cagliari in October. Deadlines to sign up are June 15th for act two and August 15th for act three.

To sign up, contact:

Commercial: Francesco Rubagotti | francesco.rubagotti@69fsailing.com |+39 3349048640
Secretary: Irene Focarile| irene.focarile@69fsailing.com | +44 7397325857

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Avant Garde, Gottifredi Maffioli, Harken, OneSails, Montura, Vela Mania, Fraglia Vela Malcesine, Sailmon,
Acquaviva WT, ABC Boats

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