Plans are set, six crews registered. After the presentation on February 20th, 2020 in Milan, the Persico 69F Cup is ready to go. The first edition of the event will see four Grand Prix events taking place in the second half of 2020 and the Persico 69F Cup will be one of the first international sailing events post lockdown: the owner-drivers are ready to start again, and their foils are good to go.

THE CIRCUIT KICKS OFF2021-02-26T11:42:24+01:00


Team 69F announces the start of mass production of the Persico69F one-design monohull foiler. Six boats are ready for the first edition of the circuit which is set to start in the summer. From prototype to monotype. After 16 months of startup, Persico69F arrives on the market, the mono-hull foiling sailing boat dedicated to everyone, from experts to sailing lovers who want to get closer to the foiling world in complete safety.

PERSICO 69F UNVEILED2020-07-07T23:35:27+02:00